is situated in the innermost part of the Hardangerfjord on the fruit farm Lekve in Ulvik. Lekve gard ULVIK The factory was established in 2004. Lekve Farm has produced apples, pears, plums and sweet cherries since time immemorial.

We make alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic products with long traditions in Hardanger.

The non-alcoholic products (apple juice and apple must) are l00%-pure apple juice with no additives. Gravenstein, Summerred and Aroma are the main apple varieties we use.

Our apple juice and apple must is sold in shops in several regions in Norway. Our alcohol products: Cider, dessert wine, liqueur and brandy are sold by Vinmonopolet.

CIDER -A LEGENDARY BEVERAGE with protected designation of origin.

The association of cider makers of Hardanger received the status of protected designation of origin on April l 7th 2009.
Monks brought fruit cultivation to Hardanger in the 12th century. Growing apples and making cider has been a tradition in the region ever since.
WE MAKE GENUINE HARDANGER CIDER, produced with natural fermentation. We make various types of cider: dry, medium-dry and medium-sweet, sparkling as well as flat. We also make alcohol products from other types of fruit.
BUY DIRECTLY FROM THE FACTORY. All products with an ~ alcohol content of 22% or less that are made from fruit or berries, where the alcohol is produced by fermentation of the fruit juice, can be bought at the factory in connection with guided tours. (Apple must, apple juice and cider).
APPLE BRANDY A natural part of our product development has been brandy production. These products are made from various fermented juices, and have varying alcohol content.


Advance booking. Hardanger Saft og Siderfabrik~ offers guided tours on the farm and 1n the production facilities. During the tour there is a presentation of fruit production on the farm, production methods and the various products. Samples of various products are served, and groups have the opportunity to look around in the production facilities.
Minimum 10 persons.
Samples included.
The guided tour can be combined with a meal in the farm restaurant. Advance booking.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION: Guided tours must be booked in advance. The tour lasts approximately l hour. We can accommodate 10-80 people and offer orientation in Norwegian and English simultaneously.


Advance booking only
No regular opening hours.
We have our own farm restaurant that caters for groups of 20 or more. Traditional dishes made with local produce are served. The restaurant can seat 80 people, has a large terrace and commands a magnificent view of Ulvik and the fjord.

BOOKING of tours and/or restaurant
[email protected] tel. +47 47667691 or +47 98017497